MITJA REPNIK, the president of Cultural Association Claritet, is not only playing in the band but is also in charge of organizing the work of the Claritet. His musical career began at the Music School Slovenj Gradec, led by professor Matjaž Isak. He continued his studies at the Music School in Maribor under professor Valter Petrič and at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, graduating under professor Slavko Goričar. He works as a professor at the Music School Slovenj Gradec. He has been a collector of Životinjsko carstvo (Animal Empire) for 15 years. His album lacks only one picture, VUNASTI MAMUT (woolly mammoth). His aim in life is to play Chopin’s Minute Waltz in 57 seconds.

MATJAŽ ISAK, the teacher of the other three members of the Clarinet quartet Claritet, wanted to begin his music career with a small drum (dimensions not known). Due to the increasing interference of public order and the wish of the townsmen, he had to continue his musical carrer by using the clarinet. Over the years, when the noise receive tones, Matjaž continued training at the Music Academy after finishing the secondary school in Maribor, and after graduating, he worked as a professor at the Music School Slovenj Gradec. His life ambition was to establish a clarinet quartet with his students.

SIMON ŽVIKART became familiar with the world of music in the Music School Slovenj Gradec, also under the supervision of professor Matjaž Isak. After finishing secondary school, he continued his education at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Maribor. While composing music, he actively participated in various chamber groups. He is no less skillful with notes than others clarinetist, art begins in the intervals between them. He has the biggest (i.e. clarinet)!

ROK RUPREHT claims that he has been brought by a stork, but we do not believe him (we know his mom). The first germ of the clarinet, the so-called “krulinet”, made of beech wood, is attributed to his grandfather, who was a forester. At the time when the clarinet got the form we know today Rok was enrolled in the Music School Slovenj Gradec, under “štimkolega” Matjaž Isak. Due to the wish of composing quality music, he enrolled in the Art Gymnasium Velenje – the direction of Music, where he is learned how to play by professor Matjaž Emeršič. Rok is in charge of being late and losing notes. He owns the largest plantation (bamboo) in Central Europe, from which he makes the tabs of higher hardness (4-7).